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Our Mission

TheraRecovery Offers The Best Quality Body Massaging Products In Australia. We understand that when it comes to muscle recovery, Quality & Reliability Speaks First. That's why we want to do things differently. With every exciting new launches, our goal is to bring the strongest, top quality and most reliable products to the market.
Our Mission Is to bring Health and Wellness to every Individual Australian. Our main focus at TheraRecovery is to help people feel well, motivated and healthy for a lifetime.
With over 10,000+ satisfied Australian Customers, we are to committed to provide the best massage & recovery products in Australia.
Started as a simple Physiotherapist to Australia's Best Muscle Recovery and Relaxation Brand. Assisting you with your Mental and Physical well-being.
We offer 30 day Money back guarantee as well as 12 Months Warranty on all products.
Pegs for life started with a vision for a better, cleaner world. We decided to start this as our way of giving back to the community and world.
We have created Pegs For Life as the stepping stone to bigger things to come.
We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Passionate about health, wellbeing and fitness with a focus of helping others live pain free mentally and physically. Based of many years of research and feedback, we finally have come together to be one of Australia's leading Muscle recovery and massager brand.
Join us on this journey and benefit for a lifetime.
-To make sure our customers are happy
-To provide top quality products
-To promote relaxation
-Fast & Free Delivery
-Healthy life style
-Long term customer relationships
-Meeting your needs
  • Supportive team ready to assist you at any time
  • Best possible quality
  • Fast & Free Delivery
  • Best Affordable prices
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