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Natural Essential Oil Set - 6 Pack

Natural Essential Oil Set - 6 Pack

6 Pack Set
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Natural Essential Oil Set - 6 Pack

Our oils are 100% pure, natural and paraben-free.
Essential oils for kids and babies and how to use them

Lavender Oil
Aroma – Floral
Benefits – Soothing & Relaxing
Hint – Add a drop to your pillow at night as Lavender will help you fall asleep

Peppermint Oil
Aroma – Fresh, strong mint
Benefits – Invigorating & Uplifting
Hint – Add a few drops to any carrier oil and use for sports massage

Eucalyptus Oil
Aroma – Strong aromatic camphoraceous
Benefits – Energizing
Hint – Add a few drops to a spray bottle and use in a steam room

Tea Tree Oil
Aroma – Potent, warm, and spicy
Benefits – Purifying & Renewing
Hint – Use a drop on cuticles to heal and protect

Lemongrass Oil
Aroma – Strong, lemon-like
Benefits – Calming
Hint – Use in a diffuser to breathe easier when cold symptoms arise

Sweet Orange Oil
Aroma –  Fresh, sweet orange peel
Benefits – Balancing
Hint – Put a drop on your wrists for a fresh, clean, scent

Directions for use:

Please refer to owner’s manual for aromatherapy diffuser. Each diffuser has a different water capacity and that will determine how many drops to add.

If using a candle burner – add 1-2 drops to the dish.

store in a cool dry environment. Oils are very light sensitive.